Full-stack developer Go, Vue,js, React.js, Node.js.

Highly motivated web software developer. Although a recent graduate, I have experience in projects of various scales: from small mobile apps to enterprise-level applications using recent technologies and frameworks. I have experience in leading a small team of 5 engineers. I’m experienced in architecture design, implementation, and project management. When applicable, I follow Agile practices and seriously consider test coverage in projects. I can work under time constraints and I am a team player. I always cooperate with team members and project stakeholders, quickly dive into new implementation details, adopt technologies and approaches, and master my skills. I am interested in solving uncommon problems, implementing new features, building web apps, I enjoy when our product is being used by customers and clients. My main asset is being able to successfully deliver and support commercial projects.


Work Experience

AISystems LLC (Agency), Tauros Media (Agency)

March 2018 – present

Middle Web developer, Senior web developer
Various projects, project management/team-lead for a mobile application

Medical Law Company ltd., Russia

June 2018-July 2018

Web developer (backend)

Nextail, Netherlands

July 2018 – January 2019

Web developer, responsible for tests automation

Blokker Digital, Netherlands

January 2019 – Present

Full-stack developer



Omsk State Technical University, 2016

Focus: Git/SVN/Mercurial, C#, Java, Android

AISystems ltd., 2017

Focus: Web-technologies, PHP (CodeIgniter + Laravel), Go, Vue.js, React.js



Bachelor of Computer Science

Omsk State Technical University, 2019

Honors: Graduated cum laude (GPA: 4.97).

Senior Project: Earned “A” grade on project as developer of Web-based, customized enterprise software solution that automates A/B/n tests and analytics data processing. Delivered turnkey application that reduced ongoing monthly infrastructure costs.

Course Highlights: Application Development, Databases, Information Security Basics, C/C++/C#/NASM/AVR.ASM/Java/PHP/Go/Javascript Programming, Database Programming, Web Design, Computer Architecture, OS Architecture.

CCNA R&S: Introduction to Networks

Omsk State Technical University, 2018


Key Skills

  • Git, Linux
  • Web technologies: RESTful API services. Microservices
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase DB, Datastore
  • Go (senior): chi, net/http
  • JavaScript (senior) Vue.js, Vuex, Vue router, Vue resource, Vuelidate, Axios, Node.js, yarn, npm, Jest, Cypress, Webpack
  • React.js (medium): Redux, Mobx, React router
  • TypeScript
  • Frontend (medium): CSS, SASS, LESS
  • Docker (medium): Docker, Docker-compose
  • PHP (medium): CodeIgniter, Laravel
  • Java (medium): Java, Android
  • Python (junior): Flask
  • C# (junior): C#, .Net



  • Atlassian: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello
  • Github Actions
  • Google: Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize
  • Swagger
  • Figma
  • Ninjamock
  • Jetbrains: Goland, Webstorm
  • Microsoft: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
  • Google Cloud Platform tools
  • Yandex Cloud tools
  • WSL
  • SSH
  • systemd
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