Full stack developer. Android, Java, js, ts, React.js, Node.js.

Highly motivated software developer. Although a recent graduate, I have experience working with projects: developing mobile applications and web applications. Able to quickly deliver results. Constantly improving my skills and like new challenges.




ООО “Globus” (Agency), Russia

March 2019 – February 2020

Android Developer, java backend developer.

“EST+”, “EST: Calling taxi”, “EST: Driver”, “EST+Driver”, backen for asterisk and other backend


Medical Law Company ltd., Russia

February 2020 – Present

Web developer (full stack)



Omsk State Technical University, 2016

Focus: Git/SVN/Mercurial, C#, Java, Android


Omsk Transport Engineering Plant., 2019

Focus: Java, Android


Key Skills

  • Git, Windows
  • Web technologies: RESTful API services. Microservices
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Datastore
  • JavaScript (junior): Axios, Node.js, yarn, npm, Webpack
  • React.js (medium): Redux, Mobx, React router
  • TypeScript (medium)
  • Frontend (medium): CSS, SASS
  • Docker (medium): Docker, Docker-compose
  • Java (medium)
  • Android (medium): Retrofit 2, Lotti, Glide, RxGps, Camera api
  • C# (junior): C#, .Net


  • Atlassian: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello
  • Github Actions
  • Google: Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize
  • Swagger
  • Figma
  • Ninjamock
  • Jetbrains: Webstorm, Phpstorm, Android studio
  • Microsoft: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
  • Google Cloud Platform tools
  • Yandex Cloud tools
  • WSL
  • SSH


Bachelor of Computer Science

Omsk State Technical University, 2019

Honors: Graduated cum laude (GPA: 4.72).

Senior Project: Earned “A” grade on project as developer of websocket-based android application. The application was developed as a proprietary company

Course Highlights: Application Development, Databases, Information Security Basics, C/C++/C#/NASM/AVR.ASM/Java/PHP/Javascript/Typescript Programming, Database Programming, Web Design, Computer Architecture, OS Architecture.


CCNA R&S: Introduction to Networks

Omsk State Technical University, 2018

CCNA R&S: Routing and Switching Essentials

Omsk State Technical University, 2019

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